Our customers need to eliminate or to inhibit the development of spoilage or pathogenic bacteria, while preserving the treated environment and its microbiota.

Greenphage is working on different applications:


Water and soil treatment


Regulation of bacterial populations in ecosystems, such as soil or water, aims to optimize their biological function for production or quality improvement. We notably offer a cost-effective and efficient bacteriophage-based bioaugmentation method for wastewater treatment plants.

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Bioprotection products


Bacteriophages specifically target the pathogenic bacteria while preserving the plant natural flora. They are effective in open environments, sustainable, and harmless for human, animal and plant cells.

Greenphage has developed a product to prevent melon bacterial blight.

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Human health

Dermo-cosmetics, nutraceutics


We design bacteriophage-derived particles solutions to prevent specific gut or skin infections. We are developing active ingredients targeting undesirable bacteria while preserving the diversity of skin and gut microbiota.

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Animal health

Feed supplements


Livestocks bacterial infections are frequent and detrimental for animal health, well-being and production performance. We are developing specific bacteriophages solutions used as feed supplements to prevent several infections, such E. coli or Salmonella infections.

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Process safety

Processing aids for fermentation control and against contaminations


The development of pathogenic or spoilage bacteria is a high risk and a major source of production accidents and losses in industry (food processing, biotechnology, energy…).

We are working on bacteriophages and phage-derivative particles solutions combining a direct and precise action on bacterial species or strains to limit this risk and the consequences on the production line.

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